Found this question posted on stackoverflow, but I think using GParted is the easiest and flexible.

I have Windows 7 as the host, and CentOS 6.5 as the guest, but I think this method will work on most linux guests where GParted works.

Loop unrolling, or can also be called loop unwinding, is the most fundamental technique in the parallel programming world, and it is also powerful. The idea is to break down a loop into a sequence of identical operations, and attach the data index pointer accordingly.

I’ve been using Emacs since I started writing my first program 5 years ago (well, actually I wrote HTML and CSS long before that, but that doesn’t count, right?). I never intend to move on to Vi, Nano, and especially IDE editor, because I simply just cant move my pinky finger from Ctrl, it just automatically gets stuck there. And the IDE editors are just too fancy for me. (By the way I used to play Counter Strike, and just can’t erase the habit of putting the finger there.)

Emacs vs Vi, Source: The Internet Patrol